Watch Travis Barker surprise viral TikTok drummer fan and his daughter

"I'm kind of lost for words right now," said firefighter and paramedic Marcel Desobeau

Travis Barker surprised a fan and his baby daughter, whose drumming videos have gone viral on TikTok, during an appearance on US TV this week.

Marcel Desobeau, who is a firefighter and paramedic, has been sharing father-daughter renditions of tracks by Korn, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach and many more via his HeavyMetalBaby account on TikTok over the past few months.

Appearing virtually on The Drew Barrymore Show last week alongside his seven-month-old, Lane, Desobeau spoke of how the video series came about – before being introduced to Blink-182 drummer Barker, who he’s a “huge fan” of.


Reacting to the sticksman appearing next to him on the screen, Desobeau said: “Man, you’re such an inspiration for me. I’m kind of lost for words right now, but thanks for being on the show.”

Barker then hailed the pair as “awesome” and thanked Desobeau for his work on the frontline in the emergency services.

​After showing off Lane’s pink drum sticks, Desobeau was offered some musical advice from Barker.

“I started playing drums when I was three or four,” he said, ​“and we couldn’t afford a drum kit but we just had pots and pans, and that was my drum set for years – for like a good three years.

“I mean, it seems like [Lane] already enjoys it, so that’s a good sign!. ​That’s all I wanted to do – that’s the only thing that put a smile on my face.”


You can watch the full conversation above.

Since Desobeau uploaded his first video to TikTok on January 27, the HeavyMetalBaby account has amassed over 186,000 followers. His posts have collectively registered 2.7 million ‘likes’ on the platform so far.

Earlier this year, Travis Barker appeared to confirm that Blink-182 are planning on releasing a new album in 2021. The band’s latest album, ‘Nine’, arrived in September 2019.