Watch as Twenty One Pilots cover Oasis at Reading Festival to pay homage to British music

The band's performance of 'Don't Look Back in Anger' was nothing short of epic

Twenty One Pilots played the main stage at Reading Festival this evening (August 24), and during their set they performed a cover of Oasis‘ ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ – watch the footage below.

Wanting to pay homage to British music and its culture, the band’s frontman Tyler Joseph thanked those in attendance for letting he and bandmate Josh Dun be a part of this year’s Reading Festival.

“We wanna thank you as a couple of Americans. Thanks for letting us come across the pond and play at your festival,” Joseph told the main stage crowd, which included Billie Eilish watching from the wings. “We have such a deep respect for your musical culture, your festival culture over here. For you to let us be a part of that, it really means a lot to us.”


He added: “So this next one I dedicate to you as a thank you note,” before launching into the opening chords of Oasis’ 1996 hit ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’.

Watch the performance below:

Mark, Travis and Matt Skiba are currently on tour in the US in advance of the release of their new album ‘Nine’, and played a show at The Forum Los Angeles in Inglewood, California on August 8.