Watch an unearthed video of Nirvana performing in an empty electronics shop in 1988

Even the greats have to start somewhere...

A video has been unearthed of Nirvana performing/recording a music video for their first demo tape back in January 1988.

Clips were posted online, and reported by Stereogum, courtesy of video archivist and SPIN informant Mike Ziegler. He posted a handful of unseen Nirvana clips on Youtube with a description that described exactly what is happening in this surreal and loud 17 minute clip.

On January 23rd 1988, Nirvana (known as Ted Ed Fred at the time of recording) tracked their first studio demo in Seattle. The demo featured drum performances from Dale Crover of The Melvins.


The following day, Nirvana posted up in a RadioShack to record a music video. The band is playing along with the original demo bar the live drums from Crover. It’s worth watching just for the numerous attempted stage entry leaps from Kurt.

Watch Nirvana’s ‘music video’ below.

In a less musical direction, Ziegler also uploaded this weird 12 minute video of the various young Nirvana members playing with plasma globe in a dark closet at the same RadioShack, presumably for some cutaways in the music video.

Watch the ‘plasma globe’ video below.


During an Instagram Live session, Courtney Love revealed a list of her favourite Nirvana songs.

One viewer asked the former Hole singer to name her favourite Nirvana songs, with Love firstly choosing ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ – a song that she once told Lana Del Rey was about “my vagina.”

Love also revealed that the Nirvana songs ‘Serve The Servants’, ‘Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle’ and ‘In Bloom’ also placed high in her rankings.