Watch the video for ‘Always Ascending’, the new single from Franz Ferdinand

It's getting a little bit ethereal...

Franz Ferdinand have debuted the music video for new single ‘Always Ascending’, taken from their forthcoming album of the same name. Check it out below.

In the video, frontman Alex Kapranos and the rest of the band are seen floating in a darkened ethereal landscape before eventually landing back on steady ground to perform the track.

The otherworldly clip is in keeping with the sound of Franz Ferdinand’s next record too, after Kapranos teased that the band had ditched their traditionally guitar-driven sound in favour of something more futuristic.

“We wanted to take the sounds that are available to us now and make the sound that you haven’t heard before – the sound of the future. When you’re recording in 2017 you need to be looking ahead to the next thing. What haven’t people even heard in 2018? In terms of ‘naturalistic’, it’s not retrogressive but it’s about trying to make something that feels like it’s being played by humans”, Kapranos told NME.

“It’s very tempting in the studio to digitally tidy everything up – Photoshopping your music. Everything was played and nothing is programmed. It still has to be raw and have that rock n’ roll side to it.”

He also described how the new record will herald in a new generation of Franz Ferdinand.

“I feel that the last Franz Ferdinand record [‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’] was a good bookend to a period”, he admitted.

This feels like the perfect introduction to the decade that’s about to come.”

Franz Ferdinand will release ‘Always Ascending’ on February 9, with a UK tour across February also announced. You can buy tickets here.