Watch a video that Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong sent to a fan after she hung up on him – twice

The clip from 23 years ago has surfaced online

A video has surfaced online showing a message sent by Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong to a fan who hung up on him twice after assuming it was a prank call. Check it out below.

Recorded in 1996, the clip was shared by Reddit user u/jmsmnn along with the story of how his wife sent fanmail to Armstrong before he attempted to call her. She didn’t believe it was real so hung up on him, and later attempts to get back in touch failed. In the video, Armstrong assures the fan that it’s really him by showing off a Valentine’s Day card she’d sent, as well as a Green Day flyer and a letter he was sending back.

“In 1996, Billie Joe Armstrong took time to call my wife when she was 15,” they wrote. “She would send him letters often. One day he called her house to thank her,” he shared. “Being a young girl from a small town, she couldn’t believe it was really him so she assumed it was a prank call and hung up on him. His wife immediately called back to try to convince her it was real. She hung up on her too.


“A week or so later a package showed up with a video in it. In the video he held up the letters she had sent him and thanked her for them.”

Armstrong recently made headlines when he sent “love and positive everything” to his son Joey’s band SWMRS after they were involved in a van accident. Joey then shared a message with fans assuring them that all concerned were on the mend and taking time to recover.

As they warm up for their ‘Hella Mega’ UK, European and US joint tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer, the band recently surprised fans by playing their seminal 1994 album ‘Dookie’ in full at a gig in Madrid.

Green Day release their new album ‘Father Of All…’ on February 7, 2020.