Watch The Voidz’s very loud, very ’80s video for ‘All Wordz Are Made Up’

The track will feature on the Julian Casablancas-led band's upcoming album, 'Virtue'

The Voidz have shared a video for their new track ‘All Wordz Are Made Up’.

The clip was directed by guitarist Jeramy “Beardo” Gritter, and features some very ’80s visuals, the Julian Casablancas-led band haphazardly performing the song, and various phrases and slogans flashing up on the screen.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come,” reads one, while another says: “Freedom of press is limited to those who own it.”


‘All Wordz Are Made Up’ is taken from The Voidz’s forthcoming new album, ‘Virtue’. Watch the video for the track below.

‘Virtue’ will be released on March 30 via RCA. The tracklist for the album is as follows:

1. Leave It In My Dreams
3. Pyramid of Bones
4. Permanent High School
5. ALieNNatioN
6. One of the Ones
7. All Wordz Are Made Up
8. Think Before You Drink
9. Wink
10. My Friend the Walls
11. Pink Ocean
12. Black Hole
13. Lazy Boy
14. We’re Where We Were
15. Pointlessness

Meanwhile, despite rumours that The Strokes were working on a new album, Casablancas recently said that it could yet be a while before they return.


Asked on Beats 1 if The Strokes fit into his plans for 2018, Casablancas replied: “I think that they don’t. I mean we’re always talking but I think yeah, if anything it would be 2019 – that zone, but nothing now.”