Watch Win Butler discuss how he writes Arcade Fire songs in parody interview

The frontman said Paul McCartney was his solution to writer's block

Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler has discussed his “method” for writing songs in a new parody video.

The band recently ran a cynical and meta marketing campaign for new album ‘Everything Now‘, which involved false reports of hipster dress codes, fidget spinners and fake reviews.


Now, Butler has appeared in a ClickHole video called “How I Write A Song”. In it, he claims he takes off all his clothes and throws up to get himself in the zone for songwriting. He also says that difference chords inspire different subjects, with G, C and D conjuring images of protein powder.

He also discussed his “solution” to writer’s block, in which he calls Paul McCartney and asks: “You got another song in you or what, you old, freaky fucker?”

Watch the vide below, via Consequence Of Sound.

The Mind Of A Master: Watch Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Describe His Songwriting Process Step By Step

Posted by ClickHole on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Earlier this month, Arcade Fire apologised for the marketing campaign around the latest record. In response to the backlash they received, they released an equally bizarre statement to apologise for the campaign, claiming that it was the idea of Tannis Wright, a fictional promoter working for the Everything Now Corp, an equally fictional company that the band claim to be controlled by.

In the statement, the band said: “In recent weeks, it has come to light that Tannis crossed the line from marketing into outright fiction on more than one occasion, and has even offended some readers, fans, and websites. He wasn’t being truthful with the band or our fans at all times”.


They have also confirmed that “the band will regain control of its own social channels, marketing and publicity”.