Watch Yelawolf’s new video for ‘Country Rich’ featuring Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul

A dark story involving a pink flamingo garden ornament unfolds in the rapper's latest video

Yelawolf has shared a new video for ‘Country Rich’ featuring Three 6 Mafia‘s DJ Paul – you can watch it below.

Taken from last year’s ‘Ghetto Cowboy’ album, the former Shady Records rapper enlists the help of the DJ Paul to celebrate what it means to be rich in the southern states of America.

And I just stuffed fifty racks in a can of empty Pringles/ Put quarter sacks in the plastic back of a pink flamingo/ The new Pirellis back on the Chevy, still coughin’ heavy/ Burnin’ so much rubber I caught the emphysema,” Yela raps on the track’s second verse.


On the hook, he toasts to life: “‘Cause I got a whole lot of money, whole lot of time/ Take me to the mall, I’m losin’ my mind/ I’m country rich/ I’m country rich, alright/ Got a whole lot of money, whole lot of time/ Buy the whole bar, I hope you don’t mind/ I’m country rich/ I’m country rich, alright.

In the accompanying video, a dark story unfolds that involves cash being pulled from the walls of Yela’s trailer park home, before then being stuffed in a pink flamingo garden ornament and buried.

Watch the full video below:

Earlier this year, Korn shared a cover of Charlie Daniels’ 1979 classic ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ featuring Yelawolf.

The track is available exclusively on the group’s Bandcamp page, with all proceeds going towards non-profit organisation, Awakening Youth.


Meanwhile, Three 6 Mafia have announced that they will be performing at the first indoor arena concert in the US since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Due to take place on December 11 at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, the show, which is being billed as “the new normal”, will feature strict social distancing rules and concert-goers will be required to wear a mask.

The highly influential Memphis rap group, which currently consists of DJ Paul and Juicy J, shared the news on Instagram with a pair of videos.