Watch YouTuber’s viral recreation of Rosalía live show after tour skips Peru

Ioanis Patsias put on his own tribute show to over 3,500 people

A YouTuber has gone viral after recreating Rosalía‘s live show in Peru after the country was left off her ‘Motomami’ tour.

Ioanis Patsias put on his own tribute show dedicated to the Spanish singer last Friday (March 3) which sold out with over 3,500 people in attendance at an amphitheatre in Lima’s Parque de la Exposición.

Patsias, known as iOA on YouTube, meticulously recreated Rosalía’s live show with eight dancers including costume changes, the dance numbers, the lighting, stage design and even the show’s scooters, according to The Guardian.


iOA and his “motopapis” also lip-synced and performed the Spanish singer’s setlist which included ‘Con Altura’, ‘Motomami’ and ‘La Combi Versace’. You can view footage below.

Patsias and his dancers celebrated when the official TikTok account linked to Rosalía commented on his show saying in Spanish: “Parallel dimension unblocked”.


Patsias who has previously impersonated J BalvinNicki Minaj and Billie Eilish apparently came up with the idea after seeing Rosalía perform at Radio City Hall in New York last September.

“I just wanted to bring the Motomami experience to Peru. My [social media] fans made this possible, they were complicit with me in making this happen from the beginning,” Patsias told The Guardian.

“The idea was never to make money, the idea was to do the tribute as best as possible,” he added and claimed through ticket sales only part of the more than $100,000 that he spent staging the show.

“I did a casting of more than 100 dancers to get to the eight who performed. They all had to make transformations, one even covered his body with tattoos,” he continued.

Rosalía meanwhile, was recently confirmed to perform at this year’s Roskilde Festival alongside BlurQueens Of The Stone Age and Christine And The Queens.

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