Watch Yungblud’s new video for ‘Funeral’ with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

"This song’s about owning those insecurities and just being fucking fearless"

Yungblud has shared his new video for ‘Funeral’ and it features a cameo from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – check it out below.

The track – which is the Doncaster rock star’s first since last year’s ‘Fleabag’ – was released today (March 11).

In the tongue-in-cheek gothic video, Sharon runs Yungblud over whilst driving in a car with Ozzy. “What the fuck was that?” Ozzy asks before Sharon replies: “Just some fucking poser”. Ozzy replies: “Ah, run him over again then.”


Speaking about the track, Yungblud said: “I’d spent a lot of time in the last 18 months grappling with who I really want to be. I’ve honestly just felt like a bit of a hypocrite lately. I’d spent the past 4 years telling people to be unapologetically themselves and to not care about what others think and realised that was something I needed to tell myself.

“I felt a lot of pressure, a lot of insecurity, a lot of questioning myself. But then I wrote this song and it distilled for me what this next phase in my life, not just my career, was gonna be about. The lyrics are literally me listing off everything I’m insecure about because if you identify with what you don’t like about yourself and own it, no one can say anything that you haven’t already said to yourself. You become bulletproof.”

He continued: “This song’s about owning those insecurities and just being fucking fearless. Its about ego, death, rebirth and fucking dancing on your grave. Inviting everyone to join you, but if you’re on your own and you’re the only one dancing – that’s fine too.

“For this new music, I looked at myself in the mirror and said ‘you ain’t gonna be around forever, how do you want to be remembered? and if you were hit by a car tomorrow and you could sing one more thing before you become worm food, would this song be it? Truly, the answer is yes. I would take this to my grave.'”

Earlier this week, Yungblud teased the video via a new Instagram Reel.


He posted some behind-the-scenes footage from the ‘Funeral’ video shoot that showed him posing for the camera with Ozzy, who wore heavy black make-up, and hugging Sharon.

The musician first began teasing the new single last weekend (March 5), when he shared an image of a handwritten message. “To whom this may concern,” it began. “For those I let down I’m sorry, for those who let me down, fuck you but I forgive you.”

It concluded: “You are cordially and graciously invited to my funeral.”

The singer also shared the single’s official cover artwork, which sees him lying in an open coffin. It displays the song title in a blood-red font above the lyrics: “Nobody came / What a shame, shame, shame.

‘The Funeral’ is expected to appear on the follow-up to Yungblud’s 2020 album, ‘weird!’. In an interview earlier this year, he said the new record would contain “the most personal music I’ve ever written”.

“And I think people are going to be a bit shocked about that because all my other music is pretty personal,” he continued. “I think I just need to say it as it is: completely uncensored, completely outrageously. And I think this is what this album’s doing. You know what I mean? That’s what I do. And my favourite songs I’ve ever released are the songs that do that. So, you know what I mean? Get ready.”

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