The BPI take action...

The BPI have announced a second wave of lawsuits against filesharers in the UK.

The announcement comes as the industry body announced 23 of the people originally targeted by legal action last year have settled their cases.

Thirty-one new cases against filesharers from across the UK have been launched today (March 4), focusing on users of eight different filesharing networks.

BPI chairman Peter Jamieson said, “Unauthorised filesharing is against the law. It effectively steals the livelihood of musicians and the record companies who invest in them. We will not hesitate to protect the rights of our members and the artists they represent.”

BPI General Counsel Geoff Taylor added: “We are determined to find people who illegally distribute music, whichever peer-to-peer network they use, and to make them compensate the artists and labels they are stealing from.”

The original lawsuits are now mainly settled, the BPI claim that of the 17 men and six women sued, the average settlement is more than £2,000.