Man behind Steps and Kylie wishes for a new Bob Dylan at launch of 'Pop Idol' - newest star-search TV show...

Television’s newest search for music talent, ‘POP IDOL’, launched this afternoon (September 26) in central London with a screening of the first episode and appearances from the show’s various judges, including pop supremo PETE WATERMAN.

‘Pop Idol’ sees Waterman joined by radio DJ Dr Fox, A&R guru Simon Cowell, and ‘Popstars’ judge and pop manager Nicki Chapman in their quest to whittle down thousands of applicants before turning a final 50 solo stars over to the public for

national voting in search of a new solo star. It begins on Saturday, October 6. The ‘Popstars’ show that preceded this spawned Hear’Say.

At the screening, Waterman, the man behind Steps and Kylie Minogue, used the opportunity to lay into the current state of the music industry, telling NME.COM that he was desperate for “another Bob

Dylan”, but admitted that he hadn’t found one through ‘Pop Idol’.

“No, we weren’t looking for one. But we need someone who’s going to stand the industry right now on its head. I’d love to see a Bob

Dylan character just coming in and telling everyone to fuck off because we’re boring old farts. Which we are, right? We are, for Christ’s sake! People keep saying ‘Pete, you’re 54!’ Well I’m hipper than most 24-year-olds at record companies! At least I still listen to sodding music, rather than just listen to the right music and say the right buzzwords!”

He also revealed to that he had wanted to produce New

Order in their ’80’s heyday – but that the band weren’t keen. “I would

have loved to have worked with them,” he said, “because I loved them. And [label boss] Tony Wilson desperately wanted me to do it. But their credibility would have gone out the window if they’d done that and at the end of the day I’ve never worried about that. But all rock bands are worried about their credibility more than they’re worried about anything else. I wouldn’t want to work with them now because the time has.”

‘Pop Idol’ will trade on the familiar high points of ‘Popstars’, including a selection of hapless would-be stars. They include Darius Danesh, one of the original ‘Popstars’ programme’s more notable rejects. ‘Popstars’ judge ‘Nasty’ Nigel Lythgoe told NME.COM that Darius was “definitely more suited to life as a solo star”, adding that he had “slightly toned down” his routine, which had previously revolved around a baffling rendition of Britney Spears ‘…Baby One More Time’.