Wavves ban Donald Trump fans, racists and homophobes from their gigs

‘You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem,’ says Nathan Williams

Wavves have banned Donald Trump supporters, racists and homophobes from their new tour.

The band have produced a list of groups who will not be welcome at their shows, though they admit the ban will have to be self-policing.

Singer Nathan Williams said he drew up the list because “People are suffering every day and, the way I see it, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem”.



The Californian band’s banned groups of people includes “Anyone who has harboured resentment in any way towards the homosexual community in any way”; anyone who “thought a rape victim had it coming because she was dressed a certain way or was too intoxicated”’; those who supported the anti-abortion hashtag #alllivesmatter; white people who use racial slurs; and anyone who has “gone out of their way” to defend American police.

The list ended with a ban of Donald Trump supporters because “That’s basically three or four of the aforementioned topics”.

Williams said that difference of opinion are healthy, but said: “In light of the constant rape, murder, homophobia, racism and misogyny that goes on seemingly everyday, I feel the need to make clear who I personally make music for and who I don’t.” The singer added that “Nobody’s perfect (including myself)”, but stated: “I’d rather have a room half-filled with good energy than one filled with hate”.

Wavves, who released current album ‘V’ in 2015, start their bigotry-free US tour on July 21, ending on September 23.