Wavves announce new album for 2017

It will be the California band's follow-up to 2015 effort 'V'.

Wavves will return with their sixth studio album in 2017.

Frontman Nathan Williams told fans on Twitter that the album is now finished and will come out on his Ghost Ramp record label in April of next year.

The currently untitled album will be Wavves’ follow-up to their 2015 set ‘V’. In the same year, they also released ‘No Life For Me’, a collaborative album with Cloud Nothings.

Earlier this year the band banned Donald Trump supporters, racists and homophobes from their North American tour.

Williams said he drew up the list of banned groups because “people are suffering every day and, the way I see it, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem”.

The Californian band’s banned groups of people included: “Anyone who has harboured resentment in any way towards the homosexual community in any way”; anyone who “thought a rape victim had it coming because she was dressed a certain way or was too intoxicated”; those who supported the anti-abortion hashtag #alllivesmatter; white people who use racial slurs; and anyone who has “gone out of their way” to defend American police.

The list ended with a blanket ban of Donald Trump supporters because, Williams reasoned, “That’s basically three or four of the aforementioned topics”.