Wavves planning anti-Trump billboards to ‘use his ugliness for something good’

California group recently banned supporters of the US President from their tour

Wavves are planning to launch a series of anti-Trump billboards.

Frontman Nathan Williams told fans on Twitter the boards would feature cartoon depictions of the US President including one which shows a tiny Trump sucking from Steve Bannon’s teat while another shows a little character pee on Trump, as he cowers behind a wall. You can view the tweets below.

Williams wrote: “We are looking to crowdsource a billboard – anywhere in the USA to host these images. If you can help please write to info@ghostramp.com.”


He continued: “We are living in a time where our president is so narcissistic that he can be baited by the media like the child he is.





“Recently as most of you know Trump and his cabinet have been cutting funding for many causes that are very important to us.


“So we commissioned Johnny Ryan to design a billboard in Los Angeles – but no one we’ve found has been willing to run the images. We want to use his ugliness to grab attention and use it for something good.”

Williams is encouraging fans to donate to five organisations that matter to the band, listed on the Ghost Ramp website. For the next 30 days, the label is also donating 20 percent of its merchandise sales to those same organisations.

Last year, the group banned Donald Trump supporters, racists and homophobes from their North American tour.

Williams said he drew up the list of banned groups because “people are suffering every day and, the way I see it, you’re either part of the solution or part of the problem”.

The Californian band’s banned groups of people included: “Anyone who has harboured resentment in any way towards the homosexual community in any way”; anyone who “thought a rape victim had it coming because she was dressed a certain way or was too intoxicated”; those who supported the anti-abortion hashtag #alllivesmatter; white people who use racial slurs; and anyone who has “gone out of their way” to defend American police.

Meanwhile, Williams also recently confirmed that the band’s new album is finished and will be out in April.

The currently untitled album will be Wavves’ follow-up to their 2015 set ‘V’.