The dance duo sign to Distinctive Breaks, after parting with BMG last year...

WAY OUT WEST have signed to DISTINCTIVE BREAKS, following the termination of their contract with BMG at the end of last year.

Speaking about the break, Warren from the duo told [url=] “We feel that Distinctive are a perfect home for us, with the acts already on the label. It shows they have a love and understanding for the style of music we make, and it also gives us a chance to license our music all around the world.”

The album ‘Intensify’, originally scheduled for release in March through BMG, will now be released in the summer.

Talking to NME.COM just after the album had been completed, Warren’s WoW partner Jody Wisternoff was characteristically ambitious.

“We want to make it as versatile and long-lasting as possible,” he said. “There are so many tracks that when you play them to the dancefloor, they rock, but two months later on they’re not in the box any more, they’re on the shelf – and that’s where they’ll probably stay for the rest of their lives. So it’s really trying to look ahead – get a time machine, look two years ahead and see what’s going on. It’s about making predictions, really.”

“The new album’s really different from the first one,” added Warren. “It’s not as break-beaty. It’s a bit more… sinister, I suppose is the word.”

NME.COM also understands that the pair are still planning some live dates for the summer, though details have yet to be confirmed.