The duo's dissing of the UK club scene has the support of hardcore dance fans...

WAY OUT WEST have been backed by readers of MUZIK WEEKLY and NME.COM users after they slammed the British club scene.

The comments came during a video interview with the band for the site, where they expressed their disillusionment with a British club scene that they feel is now far too commercial. Band member Nick Warren even went so far that he’d rather play “anywhere else in the world” than Britain at the moment.

However, these rather controversial comments have found favour with both NME.COMand Muzik Weekly users. One reader, Jenghis Yousaf, e-mailed to say “It’s about time someone spoke up. I’m sure everyone was thinking the same, but Way Out West had the balls to speak out…nice one lads”.


Another, Richard Garland, added that “there are still loads of clubbers that don’t like the atmosphere created at places like Cream. . .you get too many people that are only interested in saying ‘I went to Cream’ and not dancing.”

Matthew W May agreed with Warren’s main complaint, that radio now dictates so much of what people listen to, and said “people aren’t open to experimenting with different styles of music unless it’s fed to them by the radio”.

A user who would only identify himself as A. Nonimus saw the perceived problems as being part of a wider malaise. “Sadly, I would have to agree with them,” he wrote. “I do have a very bad feeling that the ’80s are going to be back on us full circle – not only in terms of music, but also in the way in which these clubs are viewed by the youngsters of today. Cream and Gatecrasher will be taken under the same wing as Ritzy and all those chrome clubs of yesteryear as a lot of us did when we were only nippers.”

Matthew W. May made the important point that “you have to look (hard) for a really good night.” It’s a viewpoint that seemed to be shared by most users who expressed an opinion.

Way Out West’s second album, Intensify, is released on March 5 through Arista.

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