The acclaimed trance act release a new EP next month...

WAY OUT WEST, the BRISTOL-based deep trance act formed by DJs Nick Warren and JODY WISTERNHOFF, are set to return with an EP of new material in September.

The EP will be the band’s first material in over two years. In contrast to the more breakbeat direction that many had anticipated, ‘UB Devoid’ is a dark, tribal number, underwired with some squelching acid, before Way Out West‘s trademark euphoric synths finish the whole thing off. “This is actually the third version of the track”, explained DJ Nick Warren from his studio in Bristol. “It was a lot more breakbeaty to start with. We only finished it a week-and-a-half ago, even though we first put the ideas down two years ago.”

The EP contains two more tracks, as well as a Junkie XL remix of ‘UB Devoid’. ‘Activity’ is a slice of more traditional, prime-time Way Out West fair, while ‘Redemption’ is probably the best track, sounding like a dark, progressive trance version of Orbital. “It’s a bit more sinister than our first album,” admitted Warren. “It’s more of a reflection of the music we’re into now. There are no big breakdowns or soaring string. There’s not so much breakbeat.”

However, the much-lauded Way Out West live show will remain an exclusive affair this time around. “We’re going to do one London show at Bedrock in February, and one or two other club dates”, said Warren. “If they go well, we’ll try and do a Homelands or a Glastonbury, and that’ll be it.”

‘Ub Devoid’ is out in September through BMG/Arista. It will be followed by another single in November, before the as-yet-untitled album in February.