“We are in a climate emergency”: Billie Eilish and Woody Harrelson post video urging viewers to take action

"Extreme weather is wrecking millions of lives"

Billie Eilish and Woody Harrelson have joined forces to send a clear message about climate change.

In a video clip titled “Our House is on Fire”, the pop star and veteran actor echo activist Greta Thunberg‘s statements on the climate emergency and urge viewers to join them in preventing the acceleration of environmental damage.

Posted by Greta Thunberg on Saturday, September 28, 2019


“Our Earth is warming up and our oceans are rising,” Eilish says in the clip. “Extreme weather is wrecking millions of lives.” Images of our ravaged planet are shown at various points throughout the video.

Harrelson takes over to address about deforestation in the Amazon and California before delivering a more positive statement: “History shows us that when enough people rise up and demand change, those in power have no choice but to act.”

Greta Thunberg; Fatboy Slim; UN
Greta Thunberg delivered an emotive speech at the UN in September 2019

Eilish talks about the global climate change protest movement and together with Harrelson asks viewers to support environmental initiatives led by charities including Greenpeace.

Thunberg shared the clip yesterday (September 28) on her Facebook page. The video was presumably filmed when Eilish and Harrelson guested on SNL this week (they are indeed wearing the same outfits from the programme).


Elsewhere, Eilish announced recently that she’s attempting make her 2020 tour more eco-friendly, which includes asking fans to bring refillable water bottles to her concerts.

Harrelson, meanwhile, is weeks away from the release of two films he stars in: Zombieland: Double Tap and Midway.

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