We Are Scientists assess Glastonbury’s ‘filth level’ on final day

Plus there are some unexpected personal revelations on the Other Stage

We Are Scientists assessed Glastonbury‘s “filth level” as the festival moved towards its climax this afternoon (June 27).

Joined by Andy Burrows on drums, the band played on the Other Stage, and were quick to enquire after the crowd’s hygiene after three days camping.

“On a scale of urg to ahh! What is your filth level?” frontman Keith Murray asked, getting a big cheer from the sweaty audience.


“How many of you have toilet paper stuck between your butt cheeks right now?” added Chris Cain, who got a similar large shout back. “That’s a strange thing to admit. Well, I have toilet paper between my butt cheeks right now and I like it. I will also be signing toilet paper from my butt cheeks after the show.”

The band played a set mixing recent album ‘Barbara’ with older crowd favourites including ‘It’s A Hit’, ‘Nobody Move’ and ‘The Great Escape’.

They then ended on ‘After Hours’, triggering a big singalong.

We Are Scientists played:

‘Nice Guys’
‘This Scene Is Dead’
‘I Don’t Bite’
‘Let’s See It’
‘Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt’
‘Rules Don’t Stop’
‘It’s A Hit’
‘Chick Lit’
‘The Great Escape’
‘Jack & Ginger’
‘After Hours’

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