We Are Scientists play secret afternoon barbeque gig

Band play intimate outdoor show at The Great Escape

We Are Scientists played an intimate outdoor gig at a barbeque for The Great Escape festival yesterday (May 16) at 5pm (BST).

Chris Cain, Keith Murray and co. played on the Levi’s Ones To Watch stage in the garden of Brighton‘s Audio bar. The venue details and stage time were kept secret from the lucky few ticket holders until an hour before the show.

As the group kicked off their ten-song set frontman Murray commented on the height of the stage, which was a couple of metres high so that people without tickets on the street could see the band.


The singer told the crowd: “If anything falls, just tell my mother that I love her”.

We Are Scientists played songs including crowd favourites ‘Nobody Move Nobody Gets Hurt’ and ‘The Great Escape’ while fans enjoyed burgers and salad.

NME.COM caught up with the band after the gig. Murray revealed all about his fear of falling off the stage. “You didn’t see how much beer we were guzzling, and there was a lot of altitude,” he said. “That would have been a good way to go out – the stage toppling underneath us.”

Bassist Chris Cain agreed, adding, “I’ve always thought that if an Olympic diver jumped off the three-metre board, then halfway through a backflip a Harrier jet came through and he landed on it, he would die, yes, but wouldn’t that be the greatest dive ever?”

“That’s what we stood to accomplish today.”