We Are Scientists preview new album tracks

NME.COM gets exclusive first listen

We Are Scientists have spoken about the tracks they’re working on for their new album.

Singer Keith Murray played NME.COM the tunes at a private listening session in the band’s native Brooklyn.

Provisionally entitled ’Impatience’ and ’Spoken

For’, the songs are set to appear on the follow-up to 2005’s debut LP ’With Love And Squalor’.

Bassist Chris Cain revealed that the album will offer a fuller sound.

He said: “If our last album was the chassis of a Ferrari, this album is the whole car. We’ve got not only the engine, but a backseat to fuck in.”

Although the tracks have elements of Brian Eno and Bikini Kill, Murray is adamant the recordings are no indication of how the finished album will sound.

“I changed girlfriends three times today,” noted Murray, “so if you think this is how the album will sound, you’re crazy.”

–By our New York staff.

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