We Are Scientists and Art Brut record together

It’s indie heaven as the bands team up for single

Art Brut and We Are Scientists are set to record a split 7″ single to be accompany their forthcoming co-headlining US tour.

The two groups are set to hit the road together later in the year, and want to collaborate on a special souvenir by covering each other’s songs.

“The song we’re doing for the split is ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’,” We Are ScientistsKeith Murray told NME.COM. “I’m hesitant to discuss what our approach for it is at this point, since part of what this whole cover split project has turned into for both bands is essentially an opportunity to blow each others’ minds when the songs are eventually revealed in their finished forms.”

However Murray did let on that he has found out what the Brits are planning for his band.

“When we saw Art Brut in Germany the other day, they could barely contain themselves with the excitement of revealing their cover to us,” Murray explained. “Several times, Eddie (Argos) had to actually kind of bite his own fist to keep from revealing its secrets. We do know that it’s a version of ‘The Great Escape’, it’s something like nine minutes long and it will ‘make us shit our pants’, but what happens during those extra six minutes of the song is anybody’s guess.”

Art Brut revealed that they have recorded their version of ‘The Great Escape’ in a New York studio on July 16.

“If Art Brut have done any harm to our precious little tune, I will slice them from nape to ‘nads’,” joked Murray.

The single will be sold at the shows on the yet to be confirmed tour this autumn. It’s not currently clear if the covers will get a wider release.