Watch We Are Scientists give themselves DIY haircuts in ‘I Cut My Own Hair’ video

The track is the band's first official release since 2018

We Are Scientists have shared the video for their new song ‘I Cut My Own Hair’, which features the duo preparing to give themselves DIY haircuts in lockdown — check out the clip below.

The track is the duo’s first official release since their 2018 album ‘Megaplex’, which was their sixth studio album.

‘I Cut My Own Hair’ has been accompanied by a humorous clip of bassist Chris Cain and frontman Keith Murray filming themselves in their respective bathroom mirrors as they prepare to tackle one of the grooming-related realities that many people are facing during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown.


While Murray relents from giving himself a proper DIY haircut, Cain attempts to complete his cut by the time ‘I Cut My Own Hair’ finishes — you can check out the results below.

“I’ve been cutting my own hair for years now, so one silver lining of this cloudy life in quarantine is that this behaviour, which others used to consider a sign of some flaw in my character, has now become an enviable skill,” Murray said about the theme of the clip. “When I wrote the song last year, I was self-identifying as an outsider. Now, I guess, it’s become more an anthem of unification; everybody is cutting their own hair, like it or not.

“In a way, it’s pretty nice that the rest of the world — the formerly-professionally-hairdressed majority — has gotten a little closer to knowing the essential, questionably-coiffed Keith Murray.”

Cain, meanwhile, said he “sort of envied and was sort of disgusted by Murray’s home haircuts”.


“What a risk to take, I thought. What a cavalier way to treat this wonderful gift life gave you, like driving around with your dog in the flatbed of your pickup truck instead of in the cab,” he said.

“But then the internet people made up this insane challenge — cutting your own hair in just over two minutes while listening to our song… and millions of people did it! Who are these daredevils? But they boxed me in. And I admit: it felt like really living.”

Two new pieces of ‘I Cut My Own Hair’-themed merchandise have been added to the We Are Scientists merch store, “both aimed towards those who wish to cover their shame after suffering a bad home hairdo.”

‘I Cut My Own Hair’ is soundtracking CALM’s #BigBuzzOff campaign, which is raising money for Mental Health Awareness Week. We Are Scientists have chosen CALM as their Fundraiser Pick on Spotify.

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