Halloween special: What are We Start Fires scared of?

Becky Stefani reveals what gives her the heebie jeebies…

We Start FiresBecky Stefani has admitted she is scared of clowns.

The star also told NME.COM that she is frightened of being buried alive.

“When I was small I was very, very terrified of clowns,” she explained. “I’ve got this picture of me when I was two being held aloft by these two scary clowns at this Butlins-style place in Wales and I’m totally crying my eyes out!”

She admitted her fears didn’t stop there.

“I’m also a bit scared of being buried alive, I have recurring nightmares about that – somewhere inside I like to think I’d be like Uma Thurman in ’Kill Bill’ though, and get myself out,” she added. “Um, my brother Ashley is scared of Elton John… that’s a bit weird.”

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