“We want the UK to be proud of us” – Circa Waves talk headlining ambitions and “unshackled” third album

"We wanted a challenge, we didn't want any barriers".

Circa Waves have described how their third record saw the band turning over a new leaf – and how they’re hoping to take the top spots on festival bills across the globe.

The Liverpool band returned last Friday (April 5) with their third album ‘What’s It Like Over There‘. Having established their reputation with two indie-pop albums, frontman Kieran Shudall says that the record provided them with a chance to wipe the slate clean.

“With the third album it felt like we could be as unshackled and ambitious as we wanted. We didn’t feel tied down to any genre and we didn’t necessarily want to make a guitar record,” he told NME. “I think it felt like we could be ourselves and that was important. We also wanted to take a few risks, especially in today’s culture where guitar music needs to push forward or you’ll just sink.”


He continued: “We wanted a challenge, we didn’t want any barriers and even if our songs are good enough then they’ll sit next to each other and it will always work.”

The record marks the band’s third offering in four years – a rapid turnaround when compared to the lengthy breaks taken by some bands.

Discussing the impressive work rate, Shudall said: “It’ll be the same for the next one. It will be quick because that’s what we like to do and I think other guitar bands should do the same. You look at pop music and see how rapid their releases are. Alternative music should be pushing forward and doing the same.”

And with a UK tour taking in dates at venues such as London’s iconic Roundhouse, Shudall says that they’re slowly on the road to headline slots.


“Our ambition is to grow with every record and we want to be in that position to aim for headline slots,” he added. “Our music shows that, it shows ambition and it shows that we’re a band that the UK can look at and say ”yeah they’re future headliners’.

“I want the UK to get behind us and be proud of that. I feel it will happen, as long as we keep making the best music that we can.”

‘What’s It Like Over There’ is out now. For tickets to their London Roundhouse show, visit here.