Frontman David Gedge is promising to play old material on his forthcoming tour...

CINERAMA frontman DAVID GEDGE has revealed that CINERAMA will be playing songs by his old band, THE WEDDING PRESENT, for the first time on their tour of BRITAIN next month (April).

Gedge, who is currently remastering Wedding Present albums ‘Bizarro’ and ‘Seamonsters’ for reissue on Camden Deluxe Records in July, told NME.COM: “I’ve missed playing Wedding Present songs. It’s kind’ve increased over the last couple of years. And in the process, I realised I’m actually really proud of some of these songs!”

Gedge explained that he’ll be returning to his old songs onstage because “we get so many pleas from fans of both Cinerama and The Wedding Present, I thought, ‘Why not include a few in the set?’ We’re only going to do ones that fit comfortably into the Cinerama set-up.”


Commenting on the tour’s adverts which have billed Cinerama as “featuring David Gedge of The Wedding Present” for the first time, Gedge said, “I decided that if we’re going to play Wedding Present songs, we might as well tell people we’re going to play them… in the hope, I guess, of tempting some Cinerama-hating Wedding Present fans into coming along and seeing what they’re missing…”

Cinerama play: Glasgow King Tuts (April 23)

Manchester University (24)

Birmingham Little Academy (25)

Leicester Charlotte (26)

London ULU (27)


Bristol Fleece & Firkin (29)

Brighton Komeda (30)

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