New Weezer album in the works

Follow-up to 'Red Album' will begin in November

Weezer are gearing up to record their brand new album, and will reportedly head into the studio in November to begin work.

The band will once again work with Garret ‘Jackknife’ Lee on the record, which is the follow up to their self-titled 2008 release, also known as ‘The Red Album’.

According to drummer Pat Wilson, the record will be done in California and the band have already been sending Lee ideas for songs.

“We send him stuff that we’ve got, ideas that we have, whether it’s a whole song or a killer riff we can build around or something,” he tells Billboard.

Wilson also says all four members will contribute to writing, vocals and instruments, and he says it is a “healthy way to keep everything feeling fresh” after 15 years together.

The new album’s title may once again be a colour, says the drummer. “If I had my way, we would just use colours from now on, then we wouldn’t have to think about titles. We must’ve had a hundred titles for the (‘Red’) record, and none of them felt right so we just gave up and said, ‘OK, let’s just make a color,'” he says.

–By our New York staff.

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