Model feeds man pastries in Weezer’s video for new single ‘Thank God For Girls’ – watch

Band look set to release their tenth album shortly

Weezer have shared new song ‘Thank God For Girls’.

‘Thank God For Girls’ follows on from recent fan club-exclusive single ‘Everybody Needs Salvation’ and looks set to precede the band’s forthcoming tenth album.

The song features lyrics such as: “She’s so big/She’s so strong/She’s so energetic in her sweaty overalls/Thank god for girls”.

Its video features a model feeding a plate of cannolis (Italian pastries) into the mouth of a man, who later smothers himself with the food items.

Weezer released their ninth and most recent album ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ in October 2014.

Speaking to GuitarWorld, frontman Rivers Cuomo said that the band’s last album “felt like much more of a creative process than making the first album,” because “when we made that record, we’d been playing the songs for a year and a half in the clubs and there had been several rounds of demos”.

He added: “It felt like the songs were pretty much done and there wasn’t room for much more creativity once we got into the studio.”