Celibacy rocks, says Weezer frontman

No sex please, we're Emo

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo reckons he owes their new album’s success to his vow of celibacy.

The eccentric frontman, who has also returned to Harvard University, gave up sex in 2003 as part of his programme of meditation.

And talking during an AOL chat session, he said the move had a positive effect on this year’s ‘Make Believe’.


He said: “I decided to try celibacy because I heard it would help the meditation, and I tried meditation because I heard it would help with the music. So, it all really comes back to the music.

“Listen to ‘Make Believe’ and compare it to the previous album, ‘Maladroit’. I know I can hear a difference in my singing. My voice just sounds much more sensitive and dynamic now. I also notice a difference in the lyrics. I‘m much more open and communicative about my emotions now.”

And, he continued, his new-found serenity rubbed off on the rest of the band as well: “You might wonder what my meditation practise has to do with the other members’ contributions, but I think my meditation has allowed me to be a better collaborator in the studio.

“I don’t have so much fear that I won’t get my way. I don’t have so much anger if people have opposing opinions and generally I’m much more happy and comfortable in collaborative situations. So I think the guys finally for an opportunity to really shine on this album.”