Watch The Office’s Rainn Wilson go on tour with Weezer

The Office's Dwight Schrute joins forces with Rivers Cuomo for a new Funny Or Die sketch

Weezer have revealed the identity of the person who “bought” their $25,000 deluxe album package – The Office actor Rainn Wilson.

Wilson, who most notably played Dwight Schrute in the US version of The Office, is portrayed in a new Funny Or Die video embarking on a trip to The Galapagos Islands with Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, which harks back to the release of the band’s self-titled tenth album, commonly referred to as ‘The White Album’.

As part of the promotion campaign for that album, Weezer unveiled a number of exclusive “bundle” options for fans pre-buying the new record. The most expensive package was the ‘Weezer Experience Bundle’, which supposedly provided the buyer with a trip to the Galapagos Islands with Cuomo in order to spot rare birds together. Although the band subsequently claimed that one fan had stumped up the $25,000 (£17,500) required, it appears that this was not in fact the case.

Instead, Wilson is depicted in this new sketch as the buyer of that bundle, with a documentary team following the actor and Cuomo as they set off on the geographically-impossible trip together. Watch below.

The full description of the $25,000-valued bundle went as follows:

Take a Greyhound to the Galapagos with Rivers where you’ll stay only for a limited time. Once you get to the islands, you’ll go bird watching to try and find the elusive White-cheeked pintail

You’ll go on a catamaran ride to Charles Darwin Research Station. Sing ‘the British are coming’ with Rivers in the Galapagos but replace every lyric about “old king george” to “lonesome george”

Enjoy your complimentary signed copy of the album and a pair of tickets to see the band on their summer tour with Panic! At The Disco

Finally, you will be named King of the World for a day

Back in April, Cuomo spoke on the band’s plans for their next release, saying that it’ll tackle “maturer topics” than ‘The White Album’. “I think it’s going to maybe be like Beach Boys gone bad,” he told DIY. “I’m thinking of swearing, which is something I’ve never done in songs.”