Weezer cancel tour following ‘severe’ bus crash

Rivers Cuomo still in hospital after tourbus careers into ditch

Weezer have cancelled the remainder of their December Raditude tour following yesterday’s (December 6) bus crash, which left singer Rivers Cuomo in hospital with three cracked ribs.

A blog on Weezer.com explained the severity of the crash, which took place at roughly 7am (EST) as Cuomo, his wife Kyoto, their baby, a nanny and personal assistant were being driven from Toronto, Ontario, to Boston, Massachusetts for a gig.

The post, which was written by the band’s webmaster Karl ‘Karlophone’ Koch, states that the crash was “severe” and that the passengers were initially trapped inside the bus after it careered off the road. It adds that Cuomo is still under observation at hospital, although at this point “surgery is unlikely” for the frontman.

“Both Sarah [Cuomo‘s personal assistant] and Rivers‘ wife were pitched out of their upper level bunks onto the floor five feet below,” the blog explained.

“Somehow Rivers‘ wife was uninjured, but Sarah sustained two fractured ribs and a fractured lower vertebrae. The baby daughter was in her crib unit and was fine, as was the nanny who was sleeping near the floor in her bunk at the time.

“However in the back lounge, Rivers was tossed around violently, waking up as he landed back on his mattress. He recalled not hitting anything, but later we learned that he must have, as he cracked three ribs and sustained some mostly minor but very painful internal damage, as well as hurting his lower leg somehow.”

Koch goes on to describe that Cuomo was initially unable to speak after the crash, which resulted in a “chaotic mess with broken glass, smashed glasses and plates, food and clothing items strewn everywhere, as well as the refrigerator flying off the wall”.

He paid tribute to the driver for using “every ounce of skill he had in fighting to keep the bus upright”.

Fans are advised to keep checking Weezer.com for updates on the tour, which Koch says the band will aim to reschedule.