Weezer at Leeds Festival: ‘We have not sold out over ‘Hurley” – video

Plus Rivers Cuomo reveals how he stopped a girl from flashing her breasts

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has promised his fans that the band have not “sold out” by naming their new album ‘Hurley’, also the name of a clothing company.

The singer and guitarist, whose band performed at the Bramham bash on Saturday (August 28), said that the LP was named after ‘Lost’ character Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes as they originally stated. Watch the video interview on the right now.

“Our guitar player Brian [Bell] got his wires crossed,” Cuomo explained. “We have a clothing line coming out with Hurley and we played a show for the clothing company. So in an interview Brian said the company paid for us to have our album called ‘Hurley’. Later he went back and made a retraction and said it wasn’t true which it’s not. It is called that because it has Hurley, the character from Lost, on the cover. So categorically we have not sold out, we are still the band we always were. If we had done that we would tell you.”

The band have revealed more on their plans to play their first two albums in their entirety for a UK tour later this year. “We may do a special tour where we focus on [1996’s] ‘Pinkerton’ and [1994’s] ‘Blue’ albums and play those albums in their entirety, because it’s feeling like that’s what the fans want to try. They will be in smaller venues and I think it’s going to be fun for everyone.”

Watch the full interview on the right, and find out how Cuomo stopped a girl from flashing her breasts at him during one of their Reading And Leeds Festivals gigs.

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