Weezer’s history lesson, Adam Green’s Nazi medals – what we’ve learnt on Twitter this week (Nov 27)

All the best Tweets from your favourite musicians

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to look back at what our favourite musicians have been sharing on Twitter over the past seven days. This week, Adam Green misplaces his Nazi memorabilia, The Chapman Family blame Thierry Henry for everything and Rivers Cuomo gives us all a history lesson.

Here’s some of the best Tweets from the past week, spelling mistakes and all:

Rivers Cuomo, Weezer: “Only 4 married women survived the first harsh winter from 1620-1621. They supervised food preparations for 50 colonists + 90 Indians.”

Kenny McKeeve, Camera Obscura: Somehow managed to set beard on fire. Now have two-tone beard that smells of burnt protein. Is there a care home for people under 40?

The Chapman Family: Thierry Henry booked U2 for Glastonbury apparently AND he voted Jedward out last night AND he caused all these floods. What a cunt.

Adam Green: Looking for my Nazi medals

Mick Quinn, Supergrass: Ringing ears again from Swervedriver gig last night + thick head from too many suds.

Eddie Argos, Art Brut: I’m listening to ‘Jollification’ by The Lightning Seeds. I didn’t realise I had forged such an emotional attachment to it as a an adolescent

Ross Jarman, The Cribs: In a bar in Paris – there are no lights on – it’s totally dark, only the bar staff wear head lights. Weird vibe

Amy Winehouse: what do ya do wiv a drunken sailor? earlIE in the morning awning. please, god, up she rises

James Ford: I’ve got the number for the Bethnal Green fight club. We should set it up.

Boy George: I’m off to write a new song, ‘Your pain makes a beautiful sound’ no, it’s not an s&m ditty!

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