Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo ‘ready to play and sing’ after bus crash

Frontman set to make live return on January 20

Weezer‘s Rivers Cuomo is recovering from injuries sustained in a tour bus accident last month – with the band confirmed to make their live return this week (January 20).

The frontman along with members of the band’s travelling crew were injured on the road between Toronto, Ontario to Boston on December 6, with the band canceling tour dates as they recovered from their wounds. Cuomo cracked three ribs and a punctured a lung.

Now it has been revealed on the Weezer‘s MySpace page, Myspace.com/weezer, that the frontman is playing music again and is set to front the band at a gig at the Florida State University on January 20 – their first show since the incident.

Rivers‘ recovery has gone well so far, and he is feeling up to rock and roll once again – not ready to fly through the air, but ready to play and sing at least,” the message explained.

The message continued: “Rivers has been given a cautionary clean bill of health – so long as he takes it easy and is careful – and feels up for the show [on January 20], so off we shall go to Florida, for the one and only remaining [latest album] ‘Raditude’ show before Spring/Summer ’10.”