Weezer have four new albums in the works, one inspired by Elliott Smith

The quartet of records will correspond with the four seasons

Weezer released their latest album ‘OK Human’ last month, and Rivers Cuomo says they already have plans for four more albums.

The quartet of records in the pipeline are set to correspond to the four seasons, with one album inspired by Elliott Smith.

Speaking to Apple Music on the Strombo Show, Cuomo revealed that the band are already piecing together the sounds they want to create for the four albums.


“The next idea is a four album set, where each album corresponds to one of the four seasons. And then each album has a very different vibe and lyrical theme,” Cuomo explained.

Winter, he says, will see Weezer channel “90s singer songwriters like Elliott Smith” with “lots of loss and despair and kind of quiet,” while the spring album is described as “breezy island” and Franz Ferdinand are among the influences for the “dance rock” album for the autumn.

As well as the four prospective new albums and the recent ‘OK Human’, Weezer also have another completed album called ‘Van Weezer’, which was shelved when the coronavirus pandemic hit, but is now set to arrive on May 7.

Reviewing ‘OK Human’, NME wrote: “Musically, the decision to forgo electric guitars in favour of full orchestration gives the record a lush warmth that never feels stuffy or staid. Quite the opposite, in fact – listen closely to closing track ‘La Brea Tar Pits’ and you’ll hear drummer Patrick Wilson casually answering his phone in the middle of a take.


“Moments like the above are kind of the point: we may live in a tech-obsessed world, but Weezer have delivered an album that’s intimate, thoughtful and resolutely human.”

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