Rivers Cuomo gives update on Weezer’s ‘Black Album’

The four-piece have just released their eleventh studio LP, 'Pacific Daydream'

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has given fans an update on the progress of the ‘Black Album’, confirming that it will come out next year.

Fans of the band were expecting the darker-sounding ‘Black Album’ to follow 2016’s acclaimed ‘White Album’ – but, the band instead followed up the ‘White Album’ with the surprise release of the pop-leaning ‘Pacific Daydream’, their eleventh studio album, which arrived yesterday (October 27).

After Cuomo told NME that ‘Pacific Daydream’ came before the ‘Black Album’ as “the ‘Pacific Daydream’ folder [of songs] filled up first”, Cuomo has now voiced his hope that the next Weezer record will come out in May 2018.


“‘Pacific Daydream’ inserted itself in front of the ‘Black Album’,” he told Dazed. “‘The Black Album’ is almost done, and hopefully it comes out in May but this one got finished first and it’s good, so we brought it out.

“I like putting out music and I don’t like waiting around,” he continued about the band’s recent prolific streak of album releases. “I think I want to pick up the pace, actually.

“The slow part is finding the right producer, because that kind of locks you into a certain production sound and that’s a contentious part. Everyone has their idea of what Weezer should sound like. But the songwriting part is fun and easier.”

Cuomo also recently spoke to NME about his friendship with Post Malone – who held on to the top spot in the UK singles chart for the fourth week running yesterday with his 21 Savage-featuring track ‘Rockstar’.