These are all the weird things banned from the Eurovision Song Contest

You'll have to leave the golf balls at home

A list of items that are banned from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has been released, and some of them are quite bizarre.

The annual competition will take place in Lisbon this year after Portugal won the prize for the first time last year. The semi-finals will be held on May 8 and 10, with the final taking place on May 12.

On the list of banned items are things you might expect, such as firearms, knives, syringes, and scalpels, toxic substances, and flares and pyrotechnics. However, the extensive list also includes some puzzling items, including golf balls, ladders, trolleys, and adhesive tape.


“I’m sorry but I can’t stop laughing… who compiled this list?” wrote one Twitter user. “No trolleys. Damn I’ll have to schedule my Tesco shop another time.”

Another added: “It is weirdly specific, as if they added certain items after ‘The Trolley Incident’ or ‘That Time With The Ladder’.

The official Eurovision website includes a poster with all of the prohibited items, advising fans: “To keep waiting times at the entrance to a minimum, please make sure you do not bring any of the following prohibited items to the Altice Arena. If brought, these items will be confiscated and will not be returned.”


Singer-songwriter SuRie will represent the United Kingdom at the competition, where she will perform the track ‘Storm’. The UK last won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 when Katrina And The Waves performed ‘Love Shine A Light’.