Wes Borland shares clips of new Limp Bizkit songs from studio

The band are currently working on their first album in seven years

Wes Borland has shared some clips of new Limp Bizkit songs with fans, direct from the studio.

The Fred Durst-led band are currently working on their first album in seven years, following the release of 2011’s ‘Gold Cobra’.

Borland shared some snippets of what the group have been working on with fans through his Instagram page, posting photos and videos of the sessions. He captioned a photo of himself: “Today was a very long and great day. We’re on track.”

Over the past 24 hours, the musician has shared three videos on the social media platform, each close-ups of him playing guitar. The most recent features him playing a sombre riff, while the second clip found him nailing a fiddly guitar line. You can watch the videos below.

Earlier this year, Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes revealed he and bandmate Jordan Fish had originally written their single ‘Wonderful Life’ for Limp Bizkit.

“Last year, me and Jordan went and worked with Fred Durst on a Limp Bizkit album,” Sykes told BBC Radio One in October. “It just didn’t work out, to be honest. He just didn’t show up most of the time.

“Lovely guy, but I don’t think he was ready to make an album. I think he was pushed into it a bit, like, his managers and people said ‘These are the guys you want to work with.’ So we gave him all these ideas and I mean it was just bad from day one, to be honest.”

Meanwhile, Borland was working with Blink-182’s Travis Barker on a project earlier this year. Little is known about the collaboration but the pair shared shots and videos of them in the studio together on their respective social media accounts on more than one occasion.