The band insist they were not forced to flee the event...

Reports that Westlife were forced to flee a charity auction in LONDON last night (October 12) after being attacked have been played down by the band’s spokesperson and event organisers CARLTON TELEVISION.

A spokesperson for the Carlton Celebrity Auction, at which the Irish pop boys were performing, confirmed there had been an incident, but said that Westlife were merely bystanders. “There was a slight disagreement to one side, not involving Westlife. They were in the vicinity, doing an interview, and it vaguely disturbed the interview. No-one had to leave early and no-one was thrown out,” he said.

A spokesperson for the band, meanwhile, said the incident occurred after a member of the audience, who appeared to have “had a little bit to drink” stood up and tripped over a TV cable. The spokesperson added: “One of the security guys went to catch him to help him regain his balance and that was basically what had happened. There was no kind of fight or anything.”