Louis Walsh prepares to launch "a modern Duran Duran"...

WESTLIFE manager LOUIS WALSH has revealed that his new manufactured rock band is aimed directly at NME readers.

Walsh, the Irish pop Svengali who steered Boyzone and Samantha Mumba to massive success, is preparing to launch a new rock band with a difference, which he described as “a modern Duran Duran.”

The as-yet-unnamed rock band have been put together by Walsh after a series of public auditions. Coincidentally, the band and their music is being worked on by Polydor – the same label that pushed Hear’say to Number One.

After huge success with his pop acts, Walsh’s latest project is an attempt to find the new U2 and Walsh told NME.COM: “We have just picked five guys and they are all musicians. We auditioned them all. Hopefully we will have a single out this year.” Their debut album is likely to be recorded in Sweden, where a producer will have tracks waiting for them.

The pop svengali has already said that even if the band can’t be credible they can be “incredible”. He commented recently: “I don’t care about credibility as long as the band are successful.”

In the article in this week’s NME, on sale today (June 5) in London and the rest of the UK tomorrow, he says: “What is manufactured? Who put Oasis together? U2 were put together after an advert appeared.”

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