Westlife fan chooses boyband over her husband

Jane Holmes says she left her other half after he told her: 'Choose Westlife or me'

A Westlife fan left her husband after he made her choose between the boyband and their marriage.

The Daily Mirror reports that Jane Holmes, 44, split with her husband Norman after he told her: “Choose Westlife or me”.

Holmes, who revealed she had eight Westlife tattoos that had cost her £1,100 and that she had also spent £30,000 following the band around the UK, claimed her spouse couldn’t handle her devotion to the Irish group.


She said: “I think he thought I was joking but he soon realised I wasn’t. I always get stopped in the street and he couldn’t hack the attention I was getting.

“The concerts take up a lot of my time and money. Westlife are a really big part of my life. I’m completely devoted to them and the tattoos are my way of showing my loyalty. I like to think I am their biggest fan.”

Holmes then went on to add:

It’s my only hobby. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, so Westlife are my only addiction.

She also said she had been left distraught by the band’s recent decision to part ways, revealing: “When I heard they were splitting I was devastated. I threw my phone down and cried. I love them for the music – and they are quite hunky.”

Last month, Westlife revealed that they would split up after a ‘Greatest Hits’ arena tour in 2012. A source said: “There’s no bad blood in the band, they’re still great pals. But all good things come to an end and they are all keen to do their own thing.”

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