The boys are holding off the girls for now - NME.COM bets that wouldn't be the case if it was a proper fight with fists and everything...

WESTLIFE’s hunger for a Number One album over the SPICE GIRLS looks to

be satisfied on Sunday (12 November) after first-day sales for `COAST TO COAST’ saw the Irish quintet’s second album outselling the SPICE GIRLS’ ‘FOREVER’ two to one.

HMV and Woolworths are reporting higher sales for Westlife, while branches of the Virgin Megastore are even giving `Coast To Coast’ more shelf-space.


The figures come after a first day of gruelling promotion for

Westlife, whose mammoth signing tour of the UK saw them touch down in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London before attending their own album launch party at London’s St Martin’s Lane Hotel. The Spice Girls’ own party at Red Cube was virtually celebrity-free, though the quartet’s costumes gained them a much-needed front page in this morning’s (7 November) tabloid press.

The two albums mark contrasting approaches from the bands: Westlife

have produced a near replica of debut album `Westlife’, while the

Spice Girls have deliberately left behind the sound that propelled

them to fame. In the coming days Westlife will continue extensive


promotional activity, while the Spice Girls’ only major engagement is a presenting job on Channel 4’s flagging ‘TFI Friday’ later this week (10 November).

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