Louis Walsh calls the video for 'Against All Odds' as "crap" and admits the band looked "fucking awful"...

WESTLIFE’s manager LOUIS WALSH has admitted that the band looked “fucking awful” in the “crap” video for the MARIAH CAREY collaboration ‘AGAINST ALL ODDS’.

In his defence, Walsh explains to Attitude magazine that “I got a call from Mariah’s manager Louise McNally, who wanted Ronan to do it. But Ronan’s promoting his own album so there’s no way. So I say, ‘Listen, Westlife’ll be on the next plane over’.”

“They were in South East Asia at the time so it had to be done in 48 hours, the whole works. Single, video, everything. That’s why they look fucking awful in it.”


Walsh also brings up the controversial shot towards the end of the video in which Bryan is clearly seen gazing at Carey’s breasts. “Have you seen the video? Oh my god! It’s crap! And right there at the end you can see Bryan looking right down Mariah Carey’s top! Staring at her tits!”

Walsh also discusses his management successes with Boyzone, Ronan Keating and Samantha Mumba, but mysteriously overlooks his ’90s pop acts Brother 2 Brother and Kerri Ann.

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