Kian Egan suffers a cut nose in the assault in his hometown of Sligo...

WESTLIFE star KIAN EGAN was beaten up by thugs outside a kebab-shop in his hometown of SLIGO in the early hours of Sunday morning (March 18) after celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

Egan and two friends were jumped by two men outside the Abrakebabra shop in Sligo in the west of Ireland.

According to reports in the UK press this morning (March 20), one of the men asked: “How would you like to play The Point with a black eye?” – a reference to Westlife’s record-breaking sell-out 11-night residency at the 8,000-capacity venue, which kicked off last night (March 19).


Despite reports in both The Mirror and The Sun describing a bloody battle following an attack from up to five men, Kian himself spoke to [url=]www.showbizireland.com, playing down the incident.

“Myself and two friends were just outside Abrakebabra in Sligo when the two guys jumped me from behind. I got several digs and my friend got one or two. There is no truth that I lost a tooth or had my nose broke. I’m 100 per cent, all I have is a small cut on my nose, that’s all.”

Egan also explained that he knew his assailants.

“I went to school with the two guys that jumped me. They were classmates. It’s very disappointing, because it was my very first night out in Sligo since Christmas and this happened. I didn’t get a chance to hit back.”

He went on: “The staff in Abrakebabra saw what was happening and they called the police. But by the time the police got there, the two lads had run away. So the police took us to the hospital, but as I said, all I had was a small cut on my nose, so they didn’t even have to give me a check-up. As I said, it was just very disappointing.”

The police are investigating the incident.