Who was it that said Westlife had no balls?...

WESTLIFE’s BRYAN McFADDEN and ATOMIC KITTEN’s KERRY KATONA have confirmed they are expecting a baby.

The teen-pop idols, who recently got engaged, are expecting their first child this autumn. Reports in the UK press this morning (January 10) put the date somewhere August and September 5.

The pair are also said to have settled on a name – Dylan James if it is a boy and Molly if it is a girl.


Bryan is said to be to be delighted by the news, telling the UK’s Mirror newspaper: “It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.” The 21-year-old added, “I can’t wait to be a dad and Kerry is really looking forward to being a mum.”

Kerry admits that the child wasn’t planned, commenting “At

first I thought ‘Wow,’ because I wasn’t expecting it. But now I couldn’t be

happier.” She also continues Atomic Kitten’s recent penchant

for product endorsement, adding: “Natasha from the band is

wanting to get down to Baby Gap straight away.”


This could spell the end for Atomic Kitten, however. Next single ‘Whole Again’ is due to be the last from their debut

album ‘Right Now, meaning that the band would be at a critical point in terms of a second album by the time September rolls around.

In the past few months, pregnancies

from Jamelia and members of Scooch and All Saints have led to radical reassessments of careers.