Looks like the group's cover of 'Uptown Girl''s proving pretty popular...

WESTLIFE are on course to knock SHAGGY off the Number One spot after just one week.

If initial sales from yesterday (March 5) are representative of the rest of the week, the Irish boyband’s cover of Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ will sell enough copies to enter the chart at Number One.

The single, released yesterday, sold 87,153 copies in just one day. Current Number One, ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy, sold 54,194.


A chart expert at HMV in London commented that in most weeks, Shaggy would have sold enough copies to remain at the top of the chart for another week. However, the “phenomenal” coverage Westlife have received in the media in recent weeks has proved effective.

He said: “Westlife sold a comparable number of copies to Shaggy last week. Shaggy is still doing well but Westlife are exceptional. They have had massive exposure by appearing at the Brit Awards, as well as good support from radio.

“The track has another angle also, with some of the proceeds going to Comic Relief. It is possible people may be buying more than one copy of the song as a way of contributing to the charity.”

Of the other new releases, Gorillaz’ new single ‘Clint Eastwood’ is at Number Four, Aerosmith’s ‘Jaded’ is currently at Number Nine. Artful Dodger’s new single ‘Think About Me’ also looks likely to be a hit, and is currently at Number Ten.

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