Kian Egan keeps the war of words going with yet more pop star nonsense...

WESTLIFE’s loose cannon KIAN EGAN

has now hit out at both the SPICE GIRLS and CHRISTINA AGUILERA – even though the latter isn’t

even posing a threat in this week’s singles or albums chart.


Egan tells ‘Live & Kicking’ that

Aguilera, a label-mate at RCA, is

the “nastiest and ugliest” person he’s ever met after an incident when Aguilera clashed with Westlife colleague Mark Feehily. “She got Mark moved out of his seat at a club once,” Egan explains. “She told a bouncer to go over to him and tell him to move. Christina just stood behind him giggling, loving every minute of it. I don’t know how she had the nerve. I could never do that. I’m not more important than the next person. It would’ve been different if she’d reserved the table, but she hadn’t.”

Twisting the knife, Egan adds: “I think she has a

great voice, but I don’t rate her personality or looks.”

Moving back to the Spice Girls, Kian reckons that the current album `Forever’ won’t perform well in the States, saying it’s “not even getting touched”. This comes in a week where celebrities like Westlife, Spice Girls and Ronan Keating have been creating an unprecedented


buzz around the releases of Westlife’s ‘Coast To Coast’ and the Spice Girls”Forever’.