Plus - the truth about Pellow's downfall, another Hear'say scandal and the 2am Girls are back to three again...

Marti Pellow is winding up on the comeback trail.

The one-time singer and junkie of Wet Wet Wet, who used to sell records, is to perform in popular television pub The Woolpack.

Pellow, who has a very long neck, will feature in the pub – which is centre of activity in popular television farming programme Emmerdale, the Daily Star reveals (December 3). Pellow will play a singer who, like him, is called Marti Pellow.


The news has sent shockwaves through the world of popular entertainment.

&quotI don’t know what to say,” said one person. “Pellow said so much to so many throughout his career and now he’s in The Woolpack. It’s a dream come true for many who watched him while he was saying things. We don’t really talk about the drugs thing. I don’t believe that he took drugs in any way whatsoever. That’s made up by some-one out to discredit him and make mileage out of his misfortune. To my mind, Pellow’s a genius. He’s far ahead of Williams. I’m not saying that Williams put stories about, but look at how his career went up when he left Take That and Pellow’s went down. That’s all I’m saying. And I’m not saying anything about Lopez, but come on. It’s a little bit coincidental that she should become a major Hollywood actress and a huge international singing sensation just as Pellow’s career goes quiet. That’s all I’m saying. And Limp Bizkit. Has Durst ever talked about the debt he owes the Wets – has he fuck. I don’t think I need say anymore on this. It’s blatantly obvious.”

Elsewhere, Hear’Say are pictured kissing each other in all the morning red tops. Myleene and the girl who isn’t racy mother of two Kym can be seen touching lips, blatantly, on the street outside a club they have just been in.

“Kym is fucking livid,” a source close to a source said. “Hear’Say always said that whatever they do, they’ll stick together and here Myleene and the little blonde one go off doing this on their own. If she finds out that Danny and Noel have been up to no good too, I don’t know how she’ll cope. She’s been growing her hair recently and doesn’t really need this to distract her. Besides, for all the others know, she’s been up to no good with them while they weren’t concentrating. I bet Myleene would be more than a little surprised if she opened the papers and there was the other one kissing Kym. That’d put the cat amongst the pigeons, and no mistake. Damn it, Hear’Say would be no-where without Kym.”

Meanwhile, the ginger but wealthy Chris Evans is selling Christmas trees. The Sun reports that Evans, who used to work as a popular disc jockey until he stopped, is selling the trees with his much younger but blissfully happy wife Billie. it is unclear what the pair, who share a love of trees, will do when the current season finishes.

The Mirror’s 3am Grills today reveal that Natalie Appleton and her friend Donna Air went to get something eat near where they live.


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