Michael Gove performs ‘Wham Rap!’ – watch

The Education Secretary raps during an interview with a group of schoolchildren

Education Secretary Michael Gove performed a snippet of Wham!’s 1982 track ‘Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)’ yesterday (March 27), whilst being interviewed by a group of school children.

The impromptu performance came after being asked what music he enjoyed by students as part of the BBC’s School Report News Day. Gove replied that he likes rap music – more specifically a variant of the genre which he calls “chap hop”.

Gove was asked by the children to perform his favourite track, to which the Education Minister replied he had “so many.”

“Hey everybody, look at me. I’ve got street credibility. I may not have a job but I have a good time, with the boys I meet down on the line”, he rapped, causing the students to break out into laughter.

After his performance, the Education Secretary went on to tell the school children that Tinie Tempah and Public Enemy were among his favourite acts.

Former Labour deputy Prime Minister John Prescott reacted to the performance by tweeting:

While former Tory parliamentary colleague Louise Mensch tweeted that she was impressed Gove chose to rap badly, rather than ducking the question, before tweeting: